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¿Quieres enmarcar algo? | Envíos a todo el Mundo | Pago en Cuotas
¿Quieres enmarcar algo? | Envíos a todo el Mundo | Pago en Cuotas


Angela, tell us a little about yourself and what you do...

I am an illustrator and I have been drawing since I was a child. I studied Art at the Catholic University and I dedicate myself to teaching classes and drawing. I have two lines of work, children's illustration and botanical-inspired drawings.


What do you like the most about being an illustrator?

The very act of drawing, of using the materials and seeing how the images appear. It's how I entertain myself the most.


What are your inspirations to work?

I have tried to put together a workspace that keeps me connected to the things that inspire me, a place that I love and where I really like to be. I have plants, sometimes flowers, books, good music, and coffee or good water. But really everything can inspire me; my children, friends, things I read, the work of other artists, colorful compositions I see on the street, going for a walk, seeing flowers and animals.

And your biggest fears or challenges...

My biggest challenge has been dedicating myself fully to illustration and it has brought me such positive rewards that it gives me a lot of security and energy to continue working in the most honest way possible. I imagine drawing until very old and I hope to be able to do it.

A song/album to work on?

I listen to music all the time; Tori Amos, Florence & the machine, Sia, The Shins, Gepe, The National, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, etc. I don't like lists; I listen to the complete albums and he hits me with an artist or group until everyone in the workshop wants to kill me. And I also listen to a lot of podcasts, for example I love Caseritas on Subela radio, I laugh a lot.

Someone you admire or follow their work?

I like (out of thousands) the accounts and work of @rivuletpaper @teaganwhite and @doodleyboo as they are so talented and include process logs. Where I also look for a lot of inspiration is in the History of Art, in terms of composition, color palette and ways of dealing with subjects. In this area I recommend the accounts of @stephenellcock and @discardingimages.

question 6

A book that you recommend?

I love to read and I read everything, whatever falls into my hands. Right now I am reading “Call me by your name” by André Aciman but I think my favorite book is “Tokio Blues” by Haruki Murakami. I also read a lot of children's literature, to see how the illustrations tell stories and create characters. My children really enjoy reading together and so do I. The last one we bought is “The Grotlyn” by Benji Davies and we loved it. It's also in rhyme, so it's very entertaining to tell.

What motivated you to make the childhood map?

I wanted to propose how our children's childhood should be and that we remember the happy moments of our own childhood. Each child represented on the map is a real child, whose photo was taken of those who participated with the hashtag #MappinDeLaInfancia and part of the sales will go to support the Forja Chile Corporation, so that more children can discover their inner potential. that allows them to positively change their lives.

childhood map
Photographs: Rafa Roasenda
If you want to see or buy one of the editions of Angela Errázuriz's map, just click on her photo.
childhood map
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Teknik Telekomunikasi - May 16, 2024

What inspired you to pursue a career in illustration, and how has your journey evolved since childhood to studying Art at the Catholic University and dedicating yourself to teaching and drawing? Can you discuss the two distinct lines of work you specialize in, namely children’s illustration and botanical-inspired drawings, and what draws you to each of these areas?
Greeting : Telkom University

Elisa - July 22, 2018

Seca Angela !!!

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