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Las historias detrás de los Quiltros Chilenos - Mappin

The stories behind the Chilean Quiltros

For a long time we wanted to make a map of Chile with the coolest and most representative Quiltros of our country ❤️ 🐶 🐕 and to achieve it, nothing better than leaving it in the hands of the dry Jo Jiménez 👌 who with her incredible illustrations managed to portray these 16 puppies throughout of the Chilean silhouette. Through a contest we found these stylish quilts, but not only that, but also impressive stories of adoption, fellowship and love, also contributing to Fundación Julieta , who do the beautiful and playful job of promoting adoption in our country ❤ . That's how we got to this map and... We've finally brought together the winning puppies and their owners for you to meet! 💘

Nati Donoso : My most beautiful Cinnamon ❤ rescued 5 years ago in Santiago: she was in heat, she went to take refuge in a business where a beautiful person gave her food every time she saw her. Seeing that many dogs were chasing her, I did not hesitate to help her. He moved towards me and found help to rescue him. On October 7th we celebrate 5 years together and I can't see my life without her anymore ❤

Carola Herreros : She is Molly ! She was picked up from a box on the street when she was very young. A lady took care of her along with other puppies. She was always very playful and very affectionate. When my boyfriend and I thought about having a puppy, we went to the site and there we started looking for a dog that wasn't too big, since we live in an apartment. We saw a photo of Molly and we fell in love, we applied on a Monday and on Friday she was at our house. We never changed its name, it came to our family on November 21, 2014, it fills us with joy and accompanies every day of our lives! It is by far the best thing that has happened to us.

Cami Santa Ana : Pascua is the white girl collected a year ago in the department. I found her across the street and she was going to get run over! Do not doubt; I took her and we adopted her! Chusca (below) is a dog rescued by the Julieta Foundation, who found her very skinny and in terrible condition. Today she is a fat regalona, ​​where she never lacks love or food!


Fabiola Parrc : The story of the pretty Rayén , (aka Rayén Rayito Lemon Zest ) began in May when some girls saved her from being run over to death in Pucón. She was very small (less than 3 months according to the vet), pretty and playful. Since she was without a collar, they asked around the sector if she belonged to someone and since no one answered for her, they brought her to Temuco. Here they couldn't keep taking care of her and @pabloschevach helped find her a house. Since I lived on a boarding house, I talked to my dad about adopting her and taking her to the country where they live, but I had to wait a week for them to come pick her up. It was a regal little ball of hair! Her stay in Temuco was super crazy, since she would cry a lot if I left her alone, I had to sleep with her, take her to the U, where she ran from here to there (there she received a lot of love from everyone 💓😌) She slept in my living room while she was in class and with the help of my classmates we took turns taking care of her. He even went to my boyfriend's thesis defense, where he peed outside the dean's office 😂, not to mention that they had to throw out a rug from his house because he left multiple gifts there. Everyone asked me what breed it was and I really have no idea, it must be a mix, which clearly happened to the thousandth level when it comes to giving that playful little ball a home. Now he lives happily with my parents and they are close with his dog friend Ciro (although sometimes Rayén eats his food), they spend their time playing and running with the cats. We all win, she a little house, we a little friend and enjoy her adventures. Every time I travel there we go out to explore the world. 🌎 Since it's in my life now I look at the puppies with more love 💐 end:) (I find that it looks very cute in this photo 😍) Warn yourself and adopt!!!💕😊💪✨👌


Coti conrad : She is Ash ❤️ faithful study partner and personal guaterito, cloth of tears and generator of joy. We met in a supermarket, it was raining a lot and the guards took her out of the place, she was very skinny and she was just knots of hair. She was lame as a result of being run over and had a huge bump on her head. A short time ago she had been bitten by a dog and she was afraid to approach me and she in turn was afraid of humans, but those little eyes could not continue to be sad, so I took off the little white jacket that I was wearing and put it on over her. I put her in the car and when I got home I told my mom that I had a problem, if she could accompany me outside. She thought the worst, that she had crashed and immediately challenged me. But when she left she saw that I was fine and asked what was wrong, I opened the door and my heart of melon came out, my mom just grabbed her face and asked: where did you get it from?! I told her that it was temporary until I found her owners or someone who really loved her, but in reality we both knew that no one could love her more than me. We had a lot of problems together, as a first-timer I didn't know anything about her care, such as the disastrous snail poison, we saw her black because she was not yet at her weight and the poison affected her immediately. But we got ahead. That is part of our history. ❤️ 🐶 atte. Ash and Constance. We are from Concepcion.


Las Pupas : Pipi arrived as a "temporary home" at the Pupacasa. He had lived almost 6 months in foster homes. The few times she was asked for adoption, she was returned, she didn't get along with the other puppies (one family found her ugly!!!). He had many health problems, his spay became infected, and he was the victim of veterinary malpractice, where he nearly died of septic shock. But Pipi was not a temporary puppy. Upon meeting their Dad, they realized in a minute that they were never going to be apart. Pipi is not a temporary dog, his love is forever and he has plenty of everything to share. 💞💞💞🌟💞🌟💞✨✨


Ma De Los Angeles Basualto : Wow, you fill me with love, dog son... I never thought I would have a dog, let alone as special as you are.
You arrived 1 year ago in a shoe box that my mom picked up at a free fair in Puente Alto and you have become the living being that fills my 💜 with joy and love every day. In addition to making me love all the quiltros and lazy puppies on the streets... I love you Ozzy.


Blue: If you have information about Blue, write us! We want to tell your story.

Coni del Rosario : We rescued Shibi with my boyfriend. She had scabies and was too afraid of humans. It was quite a process to adopt her. At that time we lived in an apartment that was too small and we didn't want to have a puppy so as not to stress him out. But we couldn't leave Shibi alone. She gave herself more and more to us... she slept in our bed, she followed us everywhere, etc! My boyfriend's family, which is in Calama, was just going through a bad emotional moment, where his old dog, a 14-year-old German Shepherd, had died. It was when my boyfriend's little sister asked for Shibi. It had already been two months and we traveled with Shibi after receiving all her treatment and vaccinations. And between them and Shibi it was love at first sight! Now she is a spoiled, happy dog, she sleeps in everyone's bed. She has a lot of toys and the best thing is that we see her often every time we go to see the family

Isi Pinto : He is Capuccino 😍 2010 came into my life and it is the best thing that has happened to me! I saw it on facebook, a girl found him and his brothers in a box and she helped them👏 took them to the vet and then she got them home. We don't know where they came from, but I'm sure they fell from the sky!!!

Alén: If you know about the owner of Alén, write to us! We want to tell your story.

Myriam Meyer : She is Morita , she is approximately 8 years old and she came to our home (in Maipú, Stgo.) in March of this year. We found out about her from a facebook post that she was looking for a temporary home. She was on a very scary street in Recoleta, as she is blind, she stuck to a wall, barely moved and was in danger of being run over. We offered ourselves as HT but after two weeks we became fond of her and decided to adopt her. He came with his eyes in very bad condition. With glaucoma on the left and cataracts on both. The vet told us that she can no longer recover her sight but to help her with the pain, we operated on the eye that was worse and in a couple more months the other one will be operated on to be fully recovered 😊👍. When he arrived he was heavy as a feather and did not accept any affection; Now, 5 months later, she is super sticky, affectionate and super spoiled, she jumps and runs to the door when someone comes home, she is unrecognizable! Happy with our other 2 puppies 🐶🐶🐶

Nicole Fernanda: The story is this. Flor came into my life in September 2011.
After my mother passed away, I began to feel very lonely and discouraged. I hardly left my house, so I decided to buy a partner and preferably a male. One day I was going straight to a pet store to buy a puppy, but on the way I ran into a Foundation in Viña (San Francisco) that gave away stray dogs. I kindly asked if they had any that weren't so big, since I lived in an apartment, and they told me that unfortunately they were all going to be big dogs. So I followed my objective -the store-, but on the way, and before reaching the mall, I found a little box in which there were some little white balls with little spots crying. I did not hesitate and took a dog; I immediately took her to the vet to find out her condition, and they confirmed that she was doing quite well and that she was going to be small. From the moment I saw her in her little box, we have never been apart. It is my life partner.

Francisca Corral : It's never too late for contests and Foxy wants to be in #tuquiltroenunmappin ! I rescued this fat lady full of injuries on a hot Sunday in January when she started following my husband and me around as we went for a walk. When we saw his altiro fox face we thought of the great Jimmy Hendrix and his song Foxy Lady. From there he is part of my family with lots of music and love 💘

Happy Doorbell (Catalina F.): Tina Turner came to the family in February 2015, she came straight from a box in Quilicura. When I saw her, she seemed more like a mouse than a dog, but she was cute since she was 2 months old. He had a wound in his eye that eventually took its toll. Two weeks ago we operated on her with the help of many in her #unaquinaparatina campaign and now she is a TuerTina. With pure love and like the ugly duckling she became a stuffed animal from the Village, even without her little eye she never lost her cuteness. It's the greatest joy when we get home with @rafapabon and it would be an honor to be portrayed in #tuquiltroenunmappin because my Tina Turner is the best ❤️ and now the coolest vibes 😉

Now that you know the stories of each Chilean Quiltro , you will no longer be able to look at it with the same eyes and you cannot be left without yours! 💘 Click the photo to see the map and buy your edition. FEW LEFT!

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hermoso trabajo!

falto el terrier chileno en ese mapa!!

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