Starting from the fact that they have nothing to do with law or advocacy, but rather comes from the English “leigh/ley” which means “clear space”. Ley lines are straight lineaments drawn between various historic structures and landmarks.

This type of line is based on the ancient civilizations that built their sacred places aligned. These could be religious or astronomical sites. An example of this can be found in the druid culture (Celtic culture), who called the energy that belongs to the earth “wyvern” and that it would have the shape of a snake and would move through the earth in a similar way to a telluric current.

The idea of ​​these straight lines as "ley lines" comes from the research of Alfred Watkins, who in 1920 in Great Britain, identified straight trade paths where people passed and that different ancient structures from prehistory were found on this line, roman and medieval

Contemporary to Watkins, but in Germany, they also identified straight lines, only these were called "sacred lines".

Unfortunately, the archeology of the time discarded Watkins' thesis, since they found it very unlikely that a group of people would make straight paths, since they were less efficient, the capacity of ancient societies was not as sophisticated to achieve such exact measurements. to achieve a straight line and that many of the points selected as evidence had disparate historical origins.

Despite this, Watkins created a manual so that people could identify ley lines in other places on the globe.

The idea that the earth was connected by straight lines was taken up again in the 1960s. Tony Wedd published in 1961 that Watkins' ideas were real and served as ancestral marks to guide alien ships that visited the earth . It suggests that ships followed prehistoric landmarks for guidance or that both ley lines and spacecraft followed a "magnetic current" that flowed through the earth.

It is at this time that Watkins' idea will take a more mystical look, something that he had not postulated. Ley lines will begin to be used as a way of explaining ufology, esoteric and energetic phenomena.

John Michell is going to be one of the pioneers in using ley lines in ufology. He is going to refer to the similarity between the ley lines with the Chinese concept "Lung Mei", energy lines very similar to Feng Shui. These are known as "the way of the Dragon".

Over time, a group of "ley line hunters" was created who try to explain extraterrestrial phenomena, occultism, New Age, Satanism, energy vortexes and other types of supernatural events that would have to do with a mixture of the position of the plates. tectonics and magnetic fields that the earth has.

With these lines it has also been possible to identify the 7 chakras throughout the globe.

The ones that would fit prehistoric holy sites like the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge in Britain.

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