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Lauca and Surire - Chiletur Tourist Map

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To travel has been said!

2 maps printed on both sides covering 530 kilometers from North to South, from Visviri to Tocopilla. Highlights: Lauca National Park, Las Vicuñas National Reserve and Isluga Volcano National Park.

  • Extended size : 100 x 70 cm.
  • Paper : Stonepaper 140 microns

More about these maps:

The Chiletur Copec tourist maps designed by Compass are 18 Tourist and Route maps, divided into 9 products printed on both sides. These include all of Chile from Visviri to the entire Antarctic.

Printed on Stone Paper, this is an ecological mineral paper that does not use trees, water or chemicals for its preparation, very resistant, waterproof, anti-reflective and recyclable; which makes them very durable, unlike those made of paper.

Its scale is 1:400,000, which means that 1 cm. equals 4 km. This allows a detailed understanding of the representation of the terrain covered and allows a better visualization of distances, route variations, slopes, paths and tourist attractions.

For its preparation, the cartographic database of the Military Geographic Institute (IGM) was used. In it, all the georeferenced routes of the Ministry of Public Works were downloaded, complemented by a permanent investigation on the ground by the publisher.