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Map of Childhood - Sheet

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Fabricamos con cariño; pide este producto antes de las 11:00 am de hoy para tenerlo entre el Lunes 22 de Julio y Miércoles 24 de Julio.

Fabricamos con cariño

Pide este producto antes de las 11:00 am para tenerlo entre el Miércoles 24 de Julio y Lunes 29 de Julio.

The long-awaited Mappin De la Infancia is in our hands! 😍 The talented Ángela Errázuriz makes us wonder what kind of childhood we are giving the children of Chile.

  • Size : 91x33cm
  • Artist : Angela Errázuriz
  • Series : 100 limited copies

Do you want to know what it is about and where this map came from?

(Ángela): The Children's map was born motivated by the sad news that we have had in our country in recent times. Mistreated, abused children, with no one to care for them and even less give away. It seemed essential to me to propose that people wonder what our children's childhood is like, or rather, how it should be, that we remember the happy moments of our own childhood. This is how each child represented on the map is a real child, whose photo was taken from those who participated with the hashtag #MappinDeLaInfancia on social networks. I even included my two children.

I would like this map to be a reminder for adults. A reminder of how we have to work for a happy childhood; where hopefully all children have friends, pets, siblings, cousins. Where we give them the tools to enjoy the moment they are in, and hopefully they grow up to be the responsible, happy and cool adults that we want for the Chile of tomorrow. We want our children to grow up in equality and inclusion, without prejudices of race or gender. For the same reason, this is not a map "from north to south" but we wanted to rescue the similarities of our children and avoid stereotypes related to identity and place of origin.

Following this spirit, part of the sales of this map will go to the Forja Chile Corporation ( @forjachile ) so that more children can discover the internal potential that allows them to positively change their lives, relate empathically with others and have an impact as agents of change in their environment.

I hope you enjoy it, it was made with a lot of love.