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Chilean Women - Art Print

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A small selection of the coolest, boldest, most challenging, innovative and influential women in our history as a country, are the ones who illustrated themselves to compose our silhouette of Chile. Characters like Carmen Beuchat, Elena Poirier, Cristina Calderón, Gabriela Mistral, Candelaria Pérez, and many more, are the ones that are represented here by the talented illustrator Elena Ho.

  • Series of 100 LIMITED editions (run out).
  • Dimensions: 37x91cm
  • Printed on 210gr Fine Arts Paper.
  • Author: Elena Ho

The women who appear on this Map are:

Amanda Labarca (1886-1975) First female professor at a university.
Elena Caffarena (1903-2003) Politician, lawyer and feminist. Founder of the first organization in pursuit of the emancipation of women.
Eloisa Diaz Insunsa (1866-1950) First doctor of Chile and South America.
M Teresa Ruiz (1946) Astronomer, and first woman recognized with the National Prize for Exact Sciences.
Maria Angata (1853-1914) I was a Rapa woman, who at 60 led a revolution on the Island against the Company that exploited Easter Island.
Xavier Carrera (1781-1862) Chilean patriot, she stood out for her support for the fight for independence and was the woman who embroidered the first Chilean flag.
Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) Woman poet, diplomat and educator. Great figure of Chilean poetry and literature. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Sergeant Candelaria Perez (1810-1870) She was the first woman to be accepted as a soldier. And she ended up being a hero in the war of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation.
Marlene Ahrens (1933) A great former athlete, she excelled in 1956 throwing the javelin and being the only Chilean woman to win a medal in the Olympic Games.
purple vine (1917-1967) Renowned singer-songwriter, artist and poet. She stood out for being one of the main folklorists of South America.
malu gatica (1922-1997) Actress and singer, who shone on local and foreign stages, she was the first Chilean actress to reach Hollywood.
Margot Duhalde (1920-2018) One of the pioneers of Latin American aviation. She was the first Chilean war pilot.
carmen beuchat (1941) Choreographer and dancer recognized for her development in post-modern dance and creator of the first independent dance company in Chile.
Helena Poirier (1921-1998) First Chilean woman to be recognized as an illustrator.
Cristina Calderon (1928) It is the last Yagan on the planet and was named by the National Council of Culture and the Arts as Living Human Treasure.