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¿Quieres enmarcar algo? | Envíos a todo el Mundo | Pago en Cuotas
FRANCISCA CORREA: El Edén Surrealista - Mappin


Collage, as an artistic concept, allows anchoring different layers of meanings and references where the construction of objects through its technique is one of the favorite adventures of surrealism. One of its particularities -and beauties-, lies in the uncertainty that in its process you will find what you imagined or depending on how things are taking place; quite the opposite. Thus, you modify it according to the degree of surprise.

Everything seems to be relative in this universe of possibilities framed in the format designated by the artist. And speaking of artist! Today we have the opportunity to interview Francisca Correa (Visual Artist) author of our recent map MY COPIA FELIZ DEL EDÉN , who through her analog collage compositions made with images found in magazines and books shows us that "second life" that he gives to his cuts and deconstructions, generating his own reality with new meanings.

We visited Francisca in the privacy of her warm workshop, we talked about her process in the construction of the map and future projects.

How did you come up with the quote “Happy Copy of Eden” as a theme for your map?

I wanted to work on a theme that would give me some freedom in the search for images. Thinking of Chile and everything that represents it, I ended up in the national anthem that describes Chile in its lyrics and there I loved the quote "Happy copy of Eden" that gave me the opportunity to represent Chile in an exuberant way full of plants, animals , mountains and colors. In conclusion, the union of thousands of different images.

 What was your creative process for this graphic piece?

First, I went through many, many magazines and clippings, selecting any image, texture, or color that told me "Chile." After the search and collection phase comes what is the game, where I begin to relate the images and little by little something begins to be put together. That something changes infinitely many times along the way until it reaches the final composition. It's like putting together a shapeless puzzle.

“I try to create scenarios that are

be projections of the unconscious.”


Were there obstacles in the development of the map?

Yes, there are always obstacles. The fact of making a collage in map format was already a challenge for me, and that's what made it more entertaining!

Did you have any reference as inspiration for this work?

Not directly, but I did look at a lot of illustrated medieval maps. I like them.

And any reference that manages to inspire you in general?

I always resort to baroque and symbolism. I love everything that is ornamentation! From medieval Islamic illustration, Christian iconography, medieval Christian illustrations to ancient bibles. Right now I'm really into Outsider and Medium art.

As for artists: El Bosco (he never ceases to amaze me), Gustav Moreau, Louise Despont, Augustin Lesage, Adolf Wölfli, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Hildegard Von Bingen.

And to rest from all that information, Matisse.

Incredible how you digest so much reference and information and manage to translate it into your works!

You have to feed the eye!

“My current imaginary moves in the fields of pop, with hints of baroque, since there is a tendency to be overdone and ornate, simulating an invented reality.”

There is a sobriety in the resulting color palette that captivates, was it intentional or did it occur as you built the map?

That is something that occurs while you put together the collage, in fact, the color of Chile changed along the way because as the rest progressed it demanded more contrast. The images rule, I just group them.

 What was your favorite stage in the construction of the map?

When I already have the base built and I begin to integrate images, characters, figures, I love to deceive the viewer a bit with hidden details and it was also very rich to integrate paint, perhaps because I do it very little and I like to paint a lot.

How would you describe the experience of having designed the map?

A nice challenge!

“The fact of being a collage in map format
It was already a challenge for me, and that's what made it more


How did you get into the world of collage?

I think I always did collage without knowing it. At university you experience everything, I made collage in different ways (video, drawing, painting) but without putting the title "Collage". When I did the post title in illustration, I had Valentina Cruz as a teacher in a bouquet of drawings and she decided to guide the class based on the technique she saw the least in the portfolios, luckily for me it was Collage, and from there you could say no stop working Analog Collage with Cutouts.

As a dedicated collage artist, what other topics would you like to cover in a future map?

More than thematic, I would like to try making a map in decollage (extraction technique, contrary to collage) that gives a much more pictorial result.

What are you currently on?

Currently researching new things and preparing an installation with my collective (Ensamble) for Artweek at the end of November.

And what plans do you have for the future in the area of ​​collage?

Transfer to other materials and perhaps, heading towards abstraction.

To obtain a Map of HAPPY COPY OF EDEN click HERE


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