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Santiago from Heaven - Framed

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"Night Landscape is a series based on the theory of urban metabolism, which sees the city as a living being. This set of works represent biological orders based on a network and state that cities are not "artificial", they do not differ at all in, for example, a honeycomb, both are creations of nature based on patterns of sacred geometry. In this sense, man and the city are not above the landscape, they ARE the landscape, a single organism. On the other hand, The works that make up this series show a duality between the macro and microscopic world, thus developing the idea that the city —just like nature— is governed by Fibonacci patterns of growth and expansion. for example in a satellite view) its biological origin is evident." -Victor Mahana

  • Size : 47x72cm
  • LIMITED series : 50 serial and signed editions.
  • Printing : ColdPress 310gsm paper. semi-textured, specialized for art reproduction.
  • Framed : Direct in opaque black lacquered molding, transparent glass and metal hangers.
  • Author : Victor Mahana
  • Shipping : Only in the Province of Santiago. For other shipments choose Lamina format.

Victor Mahana N. (Santiago de Chile 1977)
Bachelor of Art PUC (2001), Painter, also works as an engraver. Since 1999 he has had more than 68 exhibitions both in Chile and in the United States (New York, Washington DC, Miami), Canada and Belgium: 12 individual and 56 collective. Highlighting his individual exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Chile "When I woke up there was no one" (2013) and his participation in the Art Toronto fairs, (Toronto, Canada 2015) and Lineart, (Gent - Belgium 2008). He was a member of the board of the Chilean Arab Institute of Culture ICHAC. Founding partner of Mink and Diaspora Trio.