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Humboldt Current Map - Framed

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Fabricamos con cariño

Pide este producto antes de las 11:00 am para tenerlo entre el Miércoles 19 de Junio y Lunes 24 de Junio.


Flora and Maritime Fauna Map.🐬🐳🐋🌊 Fins, shells, algae, scales, shells... The Humboldt Current is the one that runs along our coasts from Chiloé to Arica, covering almost all of our territory. It is characterized by its icy waters and its immense biodiversity. From Chiloé to our extreme south (Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica) the Cape Horn current is the protagonist. Our country is home to countless marine species; and a small selection of these is what you can see on this Map. " I sought to capture diversity in shapes and colors, highlight the presence of species that seem to be more exotic and contrast them with other classics from our country ." - Rosario Mena, the author of this work, tells us.

  • Size : 102x45cm
  • Printing : 310gsm Cold Press paper, semi-textured, specialized for art reproduction.
  • Framed : 4cm white passepartout and white lead finish wooden frame.
  • Shipping : Only within Santiago. For regions, choose Print format (without Frame)