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World Map 1957 Hammond - Art Print

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  • Size: 105x69cm
  • Impression: Art Paper 1957
  • Scale : 1 : 33,880,000
  • Shipments : Worldwide rolled in Mappin Box.

The 1957 World Map is a unique piece of history showing the world as it was at the height of the Cold War and decolonization. With this map, you will be able to explore the geographic and political changes that shaped the world at that time.

On the 1957 World Map, you will be able to see how Europe and Asia were still the most populous regions in the world, while North and South America were less populated in comparison. You will also see how many African and Asian countries were achieving their independence from the European colonial powers, and how this decolonization was transforming the political structure of the world.

Additionally, the 1957 World Map shows the division of Germany into two separate countries and the tension between the capitalist and communist blocs that defined the Cold War. Important events such as the Suez Crisis, the Indochina War, and the first Non-Aligned Conference are also highlighted.